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zalaman (isa.zalaman_at_med.uni-tuebingen.de) am Donnerstag, 20 Dezember, 2001 um 14:07:26
Profession: senior psychologist ENT hospital
Age: 00
Which is for you the largest misfortune: the death of my son at age 16 due to malpractise
Where you would like to live: anywhere and everywhere
Which is for you the perfect terrestrial luck: a thunderstorm
Which errors excuse you at the earliest: the first one
Its dearest novel heroes: don't have a hero
Your favourite shape in history: bell shape
Your favourite heroines in the reality: don't have one
Your favourite heroines in a work of fiction: don't have one
Its favourite painters: picasso
Its favourite composer: mahler
Which characteristics estimate you with a man at most: empathy
Which characteristics estimate you with a woman at most: humour
Its favourite virtue: sense of humour
Its favourite occupation: artist
Who or which you have might be: don't understand the question
Its main characteristic: strong will
Which you estimate with Your friends at most: my directness
Its largest error: impatience
Your dream of the luck: hitting the jackpot
Which would be for you the largest misfortune: death of my children
Which you would like to be: what I am today
Its favourite colour: charcoal
Its favourite flower: sun flower
Its favourite bird: eagle
Its favourite writer: Oscar Wilde
Its favourite poet: Eugen Roth
Your heroes in the reality: there are none
Your heroines in history: Elisabeth I
Its favourite names: Misha
Which you abhor at most: stupid questions and poor translations
Which historical shapes despise you at most: architecture of the 1950's
Which military performances admire you at most: none
You admire which reform at most: health insurance
You would like to possess which natural gift: compose music
As you would like to die: in the desert at night by simply fading away
Its present state of mind: is excellent
Its slogan: better to travel a rocky road than travelling on a straight highway
Comment: could have asked some better questions
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