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Kariah Segova am Dienstag, 29 August, 2000 um 03:17:52

Kariah Segova (hsiek_at_hotmail_dot_com) am Dienstag, 29 August, 2000 um 03:17:52

Profession: student
Age: 14
Which is for you the largest misfortune: Loosing someone or something dear to me.
Where you would like to live: Somewhere with low, to no humidity, possibly Arizona.
Which is for you the perfect terrestrial luck: Finding true love.
Which errors excuse you at the earliest: Huh???
Its dearest novel heroes: I can't think of his name, he was the main character in THE GIVER by Lois Lowry.
Your favourite shape in history: The shape of a heart in love with another.
Your favourite heroines in the reality: My mother,Oprah Winfrey, and Jada Pinkett-Smith.
Your favourite heroines in a work of fiction: Zora, in DISAPPEARING ACTS by Terry McMillan.
Its favourite painters: Rembrant.
Its favourite composer: Gershwin.
Which characteristics estimate you with a man at most: My loud, and booming attitude.
Which characteristics estimate you with a woman at most: My kind, gentle, and pleasing nature.
Its favourite virtue: Well, it isn't patience.
Its favourite occupation: Living.
Who or which you have might be: Famous.
Its main characteristic: My ability to help people, especially in listening to their problems.
Which you estimate with Your friends at most: Their ability to take my constructive criticsm.
Its largest error: Being cold-hearted.
Your dream of the luck: Being happy.
Which would be for you the largest misfortune: Lonely.
Which you would like to be: A psychologist.
Its favourite colour: The color of the sky, right before the sun goes down...
Its favourite flower: Aster.
Its favourite bird: Rare, exotic ones.
Its favourite writer: Shakespeare.
Its favourite poet: Maya Angelou.
Your heroes in the reality: Any strong, mentally and physically stable male... Too many to name.
Your heroines in history: Cleopatra, and Ester.
Its favourite names: Jamir, Jole`, and Jaiid.
Which you abhor at most:
Which historical shapes despise you at most: I despise nothing.
Which military performances admire you at most: When a war ends.
You admire which reform at most: Social.
You would like to possess which natural gift: The gift of being more honest with myself.
As you would like to die: Sleeping peacefully.
Its present state of mind: Stable, although I have been tolf I was 'crazy'.
Its slogan: "Other peoples opinion of me is none of my business."
Comment: I feel since life is worth living, live it to the fullest.

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