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Web Logfile Analysis II

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[Analog/ReportMagic Logo] Web Log File Analysis on your PC: an easy approach

- Installation -

  1. Create a new folder/directory, e.g. c:\webstat\.
    In the following I refer to this directory.
  2. Store all the files, which you just picked from the web, there.
  3. Uncompress first Analog.
    A new folder is created named c:\webstat\analog 5.21\
    Rename it to c:\webstat\analog\ - Unix-administrators know why ;-)
  4. Invoke the installation routine of ReportMagic.
    DO NOT USE the proposed target directory under c:\Program Files\... but use c:\webstat\rmagic\.
  5. Now create a new directory under c:\webstat named \gzip\
    In this folder move the file gzip124xN.exe. Execute this program. It will open a DOS window and unpack some files. The program gzip.exe and some other files have been stored in this folder now.
  6. Finaly adopt the configuration files of Analog, analog.cfg in c:\webstat\analog\, and of ReportMagic, rmagic.ini in c:\webstat\rmagic\, to your needs - READY!
    You may use the JavaScript-based pages Link Analog Configurator and Link  ReportMagic Configurator.
  7. Now execute the programs, using the double-click in the MS Explorer for c:\webstat\analog\analog.exe rsp. c:\webstat\rmagic\rmagic.exe. This requires the Computer-Output created by Analog.

    Remark: All three programs originate in the Unix arena. So you shouldn't be surprised that all programs will open a DOS-window. And that's the reason why you should avoid working with folders/directories containing a blank ' ': Unix dislike this!

In addition, you have now the complete documentation on your PC, each in the program's subdirectories \docs\.

It's also recommended to create a new directory reports\ under c:\webstat\analog\ and c:\webstat\rmagic\ .Here you can store all reports generated with Analog and ReportMagic.

If you do not have any logfile on your PC you can also make a new directory LogFiles\ under c:\webstat\analog\ to store the logfiles there.

All the reports generated with Analog or ReportMagic you can publish in the web.

For Analog: you'll need all files located in c:\webstat\analog\reports\ (rsp. another target folder used for Analog's output) AND the complete folder c:\webstat\analog\images\. Keep the URL-structure for the Analog-own graphics!
Example: On your webserver you will store the files generated with Analog in a new folder named /Statistics/ and the graphs from c:\webstat\analog\images\ as well. In analog.cfg you must have: IMAGEDIR ./
On your webserver you will store the files generated with Analog in a new folder named /Statistics/ and the graphs from c:\webstat\analog\images\ in /Images/ . In analog.cfg you must have:

For ReportMagic: you need only the files from c:\webstat\rmagic\reports\ (rsp. another target folder used for ReportMagic's output).


Questions ? Hints ? Please send me your Feedback!


Have Fun and Success with your Domain!


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