[VESOFT]Another shell script creates a graphical REPORT @ for a dedicated Account.

The complete HTML code will result in [link] this example for VESOFT account.
The content of this script is

# This script creates html code and a gif file generated by Ploticus
# to display a report graph for a dedicated account.
# Expects one Input Parameter.
# version 0.5 by Andreas Schmidt, 29MAY2000

if test $# -ne 1
        echo "ERROR, graph_report (1): No account name specified on command line."
        echo " "
        echo "Usage: graph_report Account_Name"
        echo " "
        echo "(c) 2000 Andreas Schmidt"
        echo ""

# Setting Variables
SYSTEM=`uname -n`                        # System's Name
ACCOUNT=$1                               # Input: Account's Name
PLOTX=/tmp/report_PLOTxeq                # Ploticus Final XEQ file
REPACT=/tmp/report_$ACCOUNT              # Original REPORT output file
REPGRP=/tmp/groups_$ACCOUNT              # Data file for Ploticus
STOREDIR=/APACHE/PUB/htdocs              # Directory where web files will be stored
GIFNAME=report_$ACCOUNT.gif              # Name of .gif file
HTMNAME=report_$ACCOUNT.htm              # Name of HTML source file
STOREGIF=$STOREDIR/$GIFNAME              # Complete .gif file's name
STOREHTM=$STOREDIR/$HTMNAME              # Complete HTML file's name
let SUMREM=0                             # Sum of Groups' Sectors not displayed

# One of the following lines needs to become activated, depending on Account's Size:
# let THRESHOLD=2048; MB="0.5"             # Minimum # of Sectors to be displayed (500 KB)
let THRESHOLD=4096; MB=1                 # Minimum # of Sectors to be displayed (1 MB)
# let THRESHOLD=8192; MB=2                 # Minimum # of Sectors to be displayed (2 MB)
# let THRESHOLD=20480; MB=5                # Minimum # of Sectors to be displayed (5 MB)
# let THRESHOLD=40960; MB=10               # Minimum # of Sectors to be displayed (10 MB)
# let THRESHOLD=204800; MB=50              # Minimum # of Sectors to be displayed (50 MB)
# let THRESHOLD=409600; MB=100             # Minimum # of Sectors to be displayed (100 MB)
# let THRESHOLD=4194304; MB=1024           # Minimum # of Sectors to be displayed (1 GB)

# Clearing Files

# Web Page Header
# echo "Content-type: text/html\n"
echo "<HTML>"                                                    >  $STOREHTM
echo "<HEAD><TITLE>Graphical Report Command</TITLE></HEAD>"         >> $STOREHTM
echo "<BODY>"                                                   >> $STOREHTM
echo "<CENTER>"                                                 >> $STOREHTM
echo "<H2>Graphical REPORT Command for Account $ACCOUNT on Server $SYSTEM</H2>" >> $STOREHTM
echo "<H3>Display Threshold: Min. $THRESHOLD Sectors ($MB MB) per Group</H3>"   >> $STOREHTM
echo "<HR>"                                                         >> $STOREHTM
echo "<IMG src=$GIFNAME align=left>"                                >> $STOREHTM
echo "<H3>Groups not displayed:</H3>"                         >> $STOREHTM
echo "<TABLE border=2>"                                             >> $STOREHTM
echo "<TR><TD><B>GroupName</B></TD><TD><B>Sectors</B></TD></TR>" >> $STOREHTM

# MPE command and reducing to the needed information
callci "REPORT @.$ACCOUNT"|grep -v "ACCOUNT"|grep -v "/GROUP"|grep -v "$ACCOUNT"|sed -e s/*\\///g -e s/\\///g > $REPACT
        if test $SECTORS -gt $THRESHOLD
                echo "$GROUP:@PCT% $SECTORS" >> $REPGRP
                echo "<TR><TD>$GROUP</TD><TD>$SECTORS</TD></TR>" >> $STOREHTM
                let SUMREM=$SUMREM+$SECTORS
done < $REPACT
echo "<TR><TD align=right><B>Remaining Sum</B></TD><TD align=right><B>$SUMREM</B></TD></TR>"  >> $STOREHTM
echo "</TABLE>"                                                 >> $STOREHTM
echo "Remaining:@PCT% $SUMREM" >> $REPGRP

# Creating Ploticus XEQ
echo "#proc page"                               >  $PLOTX
echo "backgroundcolor: yellow"                 >> $PLOTX
echo "#proc getdata"                           >> $PLOTX
echo "command: cat $REPGRP"                    >> $PLOTX
echo "#proc pie"                               >> $PLOTX
echo "firstslice: 0"                           >> $PLOTX
echo "datafield: 2"                            >> $PLOTX
echo "labelfield: 1"                           >> $PLOTX
echo "labelmode: line+label"                   >> $PLOTX
echo "center: 4 4"                             >> $PLOTX
echo "radius: 2"                               >> $PLOTX
echo "colors: red green blue orange red green blue orange red green blue orange red green blue orange red green blue orange" >> $PLOTX
echo "labelfarout: 1.3"                        >> $PLOTX
echo "textdetails: size=10"                    >> $PLOTX
echo "pctformat: %.0f"                         >> $PLOTX
echo "#proc annotate"                          >> $PLOTX
echo "location: 1 7"                           >> $PLOTX
echo "box: color=red width=1.0"                >> $PLOTX
echo "backcolor: gray(0.8)"                    >> $PLOTX
echo "text: $SYSTEM\nAccount: $ACCOUNT"        >> $PLOTX

# Running Ploticus
/usr/local/ploticus/bin/pl $PLOTX -gif -o $STOREGIF

# Output to Browser
echo "<BR clear=all><HR>"                                    >> $STOREHTM
echo "© Andreas Schmidt, May 2000</BODY></HTML>"   >> $STOREHTM

chmod 644 $STOREGIF
chmod 644 $STOREHTM

  1. Only an AM (Account Manager) can run this.
  2. It varies per account what the threshold for displaying Groups should be set.
Example: I stored the script named graph_report as SERVER.APACHE in /APACHE/PUB/cgi-bin and run it out of the shell:
/APACHE/PUB/cgi-bin/ > graph_report VESOFT
/APACHE/PUB/cgi-bin/ >
Now I invoke my Browser looking to the URL http://{my_HP3000_Apache_Server}/report_VESOFT.htm and I will see the whole REPORT @.VESOFT graph.

last changed: 30.04.2003
© 2003 Andreas Schmidt