- System Performance -

TEST4X creates a Performance Graph:

SM is needed. It uses the following files: Remarks:
  1. TEST4X creates two files R!HPPIN and I!HPPIN to be used as REPORT file and as INPUT file for Scope/iX.
    [!] Be careful if you use such files for other reason!
  2. Ploticus uses the script TEST4 and reads the default Scope/iX Export file XFERGSUM for data input.
  3. This data is recalculated to enable a stacked line graph.
  4. Depending on your needs use the categorized xaxis (currently commented out with //) or the automated scaling using the datetime parameter.
  5. You may change the xrange as well.
  6. A 3rd option is the use of xautorange. Just play around!
  7. Use #datesettings to omit weekend data!
Example:TEST4X will create a TEST4.gif in Apache's root directory.

last changed: 30.04.2003
© 2003 Andreas Schmidt